Monday, July 6, 2009

Halo 3

Welcome to the Halo 3 post.
As you can see this post is all about Halo 3.
Wondering how I can review Halo 3?
I just got a Xbox so expect Xbox reviews aswell.

Here is a YouTube video of the Halo 3 intro.
Have a blast.

Here is a Animoto of Halo 3.
Animoto is a great picture to music video convertor and is really easy to use.

Now here is a YouTube video of the singleplayer campaign.
Get ready for space.

No here is a YouTube video of some of the multiplayer gameplay.
Welcome to the Halo ring.

Overall: Even though Halo 3 is an older game, it still is alot of fun.

Things that can be improved: Sometimes when people are lagging or something else, some people tend to teleport.

Game Rating: 9/10 Fantastic


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